2014: The Year of SoFIE

2014 holds a lot of promise.  Sure, SoFIE is just another non-profit startup making apps in San Francisco.  But we hope to make a difference through our exploration of these mobile devices as an art medium.  Maybe this is our backlash to the tech backlash.  A kind of un-ironic homage to our craftsman roots.  Join us at one of our fairly regular Hack-a-thons. Just bring your laptop, your curiosity and your impractical ideas!

September Hack-a-thon. Lessons learned.

We tried to hold the Sept. hack-a-thon at the Mill on Divisadero.  After visiting them the previous Friday to make sure it was OK for a bunch of us to hang out there and use their WiFi for a few hours, the advance guard (David & Cole) arrived on Sunday to find out that there were no outlets.  Oh, and no WiFi.  Aggravating.  Dave and Paul arrived, and we decided to move operations to Cafe St. Jorge on Mission St. where they welcomed us with outlets, WiFi and open arms.  Not to mention amazing toast and coffee.

Cole learned some python, the rest of use made good progress on our impractical projects.  Paul's CoffeeTalk app is coming along.

We all agreed that Cafe St Jorge should be the SoFIE meeting site of record.