July SoFIE Hack-a-thon: Swift Chicken-and-Egg

July 12 a bunch of us attended the Swift Language User Group Hack-a-thon in San Francisco. We spent the day learning and exploring the new Swift language provided by Apple. Paul had the brilliant idea of porting the chicken-and-egg machine to Swift and run in on an iPad. But with an interesting twist: instead of ready-made teeter-totters and funnels, you draw them yourself.

It worked pretty well, since SpriteKit is very similar to Box2D. We didn't win the competition prize (we consoled ourselves by saying that we didn't really need another tech-inspired t-shirt). We did, however, get some great reaction from the audience.

We will probably take chicken-and-egg on Swift a little farther: add the ability to draw different teeter-totters and spinny things.

The work-in-progress code is here: https://github.com/PaulMaxime/ChickenAndEggMachine

Lots to do. Learning Swift was fun, but it's not ready for prime-time yet (but we did write some bangin' unit tests!).