The Society for Impractical Engineering

SoFIE is the creation of David Springer and Paul Franceus, two veteran technologists who want to give like-minded individuals a place to play and explore without the constraints of having to solve a problem, meet a deadline, or make a profit.

SoFIE is less of a place and more of an attitude. We want to re-kindle our spirit of curiosity and discovery. SoFIE is a setting where we can experiment and follow ideas without judgment. We use technology as an art medium, as a way to tell our authentic stories. Not the curated, constructed story used for social media, but the actual story of our real selves.

Come and play with us and make something impractical. You might discover something very practical: yourself.


Paul Franceus spent 20 years of his life lost inside the US Intelligence community working on all sorts of fun and interesting projects. (shh...) Recently he's made the move to the west coast where he writes iOS and Android applications for Google's Niantic Labs. 

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David Springer is a Senior Software Engineer at Detour, where he works on indoor tours. David became involved with computer programming in elementary school, making ASCII-art Snoopy™ calendars on the University of British Columbia's mainframe computer.  This led to writing a computer dating system for his high-school's prom and a brief stint selling TRS-80 computers at Radio Shack.  Leveraging this excellent foundation, he became the technical founder of Alias Research, Inc.

Then, one February, David moved from Toronto to sunny California where he joined Steve Job's startup, NeXT, as the 3D Graphics Guy.  After NeXT, David worked at Apple, then Google, then Niantic Labs and now Detour. In addition to being a coder, David has worked as a deck hand, cowboy and organic farmer.  He is an avid mixologist, and tries to enjoy all that his home town of San Francisco has to offer, which is a lot.