UPDATE: Relaxatron is on TV! You can get Relaxatron on your Apple TV via the Apple App Store.

This project uses the mobile device as an art medium by providing an interactive visual experience. The Relaxatron runs on its own, creating an ever-changing pattern, each frame of the pattern based on the pattern from the previous frame. It evolves.  You can see certain images emerge, and see order arise from the apparent chaos.

You can influence how the patterns change by adding seed stamps, or by altering the rules the Relaxatron uses to move the pattern forward.  You can also change the shape of the seed stamps.

Play with the Relaxatron and tell us what you think!

Medium: iOS and tvOS Application
Contributing Artists: David Springer Code and App Design
Taylor Steury Graphic and Visual Design
First Published: January 16, 2014


Chicken And Egg Machine

The Chicken and Egg Machine is a kind of a game: not a traditional game in the sense that you can "win" it. You can only not lose it. The basic idea is to manage a chicken and egg production so that you and your chicken(s) stay alive.  We started to make an iOS version of this using Swift and SpriteKit.

Play The Chicken-and-Egg-Machine

Game Play

Basic idea: stay alive as long as you can. You can't win this game. You can only not lose it.

Lay an egg: The chicken (technically a hen) has to eat enough scratch and drink enough water to lay an egg. The hen autonomously eats and drinks, much like a real hen does. You have to make sure there is enough scratch in the feed sack and enough water in the water bottle. If either of these runs out, the hen stops laying eggs and eventually dies.

Direct the egg: When the egg is laid, you have to direct it to the frying pan, the egg crate or the nest. The frying pan can have at most two eggs at a time. The egg crate can carry up to 12 eggs. The nest can have at most 1 egg at a time.

To maintain your health, you must eat a fried egg whenever your health level drops below 50%. If you let your health drop to 0, you die and the game ends.

To get more scratch, you fill the egg crate with a dozen eggs. You might think of it this way: you barter a dozen eggs for a sack of feed.

Whenever the water bottle level falls below 1 litre, you can refill it. Click on the tap to fill the bottle to capacity. The incoming water supply is endless and free. Another place where this game departs from reality.

A hen can lay at most 20 eggs. You can drop an egg in the nest and hatch a new pullet which will replace the old hen when the old hen has laid all her eggs. In this way you can keep laying eggs pretty much forever. Note that each pullet also eats and drinks, so the rate that your feed and water is consumed goes up with each pullet you hatch.

Medium: Web Application
Contributing Artists: David Springer Code and App Design
First published: September 7, 2014
The code: chicken_and_egg